Liverpool FC Face Cover with 3 layers of fabrics

[LIMITED EDITION] LIVERPOOL 3 Layers face mask. Inspired from training 20-21 kit

This face mask is for personal use and not a substitute for surgical or procedural masks.

While wearing a mask, you must follow KKM guidelines. Please avoid crowded places, confined spaces, and close conversation.


Front: Thick, high-quality cotton for better crisp edges and corners.

Middle: Non-woven fabrics

Back: Soft cotton. Absorb moisture (comfortable when contact with face)

Earloop: Super elastic bands (same as surgery mask). Tied loose to allow personal adjustment.


This is NOT an authorized LFC Merchandise.

Inspired from the pre match 20-21 kit.

Stock will not be added if sold out.

What is in the pack:

1 x cotton face mask

1 x personal voucher from krlbrands

How to put a mask on:

(+) Open the mask and hold the bands on right and left respectively.

(+) With the hand holding the mask, bring the top butterfly flap of the mask on the bridge of your nose.

(+) Pull the bands behind your ears to tighten.

(+) Pull the fold at centre outward slightly like a beak to create space around the nose and mouth.

(+) Adjust the fold at top and bottom to adjust to your face.

(+) Press all the edges down against the face to close off gaps.

Our Face Mask Features:

(+) Comfortable while speaking (Spacious space around the mouth)

(+) Mouth area stain FREE (not touching your lips). Depending on your face size and daily usage.

(+) Fit to most size. (For a bigger size of a face, there are more space inside the mask)

Care Instructions:

(+) Dry clean only to preserve the printing on fabrics.

(+) Sterilize or dry under sunlight.

(+) Never iron on the artwork

Purchase from Shopee link here


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