Welcome to krlbrands. Establish  since 2008 when  our founder started to created a brands that stands within our core elements, kraft-paper, rustic theme and linen cloth. These 3 elements are the foundation of our product and design direction.

krlbrands is a home-based business that initially started from a hobby. Our experience are mostly in sewing, graphic design, and handcrafting. Starting with selling bags, pouch, poster design, card printing, krlbrands finally decided to open an online store to sell our own products on 2013.

The first investment on how krlbrands started.

krlframe is among the earliest product sold by krlbrands. It is combining a graphic design and some handcraft work. Inspire only from a piece of extra cloth, used wooden frame, and industrial printing to realising the idea. Then it is expand to introduce krlcraft and krlmerch. Basically handling a handcraft product and also a merchandise to sell on online market.

Other than to sell the products, we also use it as a event decorations such as flea market, birthday party, candlelight dinner and a private event.

Candlelight dinner decorations by krlbrands

krlbrands supporters was expand since then, and to thanks to all of them, krlbrands introduce krlmerch. A merchandise series that we created for the supporters to wear and use them in public. The demand is always from the customers that want more of our products being sell worldwide. Interest to participate into a baby and kids category, hence, thelittlekrl is founded.

Baby bib from thelittlekrl

Special thanks to all of the krlbrands followers. Let our products enhance the beauty of your living space.
All our products is proudly hand-crafted in Malaysia.

We are also featured in media:

English paper: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/features/article/krlbrands-crafting-a-household-name-in-johor-baru#KgRdGPxwF0T3FCq1.97

mandarin paper: http://www.orientaldaily.com.my/index.php/s/224184

Malay paper: http://www.bernama.com/bernama/state_news/bm/news.php?id=1420491&cat=sl









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