What Girls Should Not Wear On The First Date

Revealing Dresses

The one thing that you don’t want any guy to take away on a first date is the wrong impression. Wearing a very skimpy dress, which reveals your bosom, bra straps, or wearing a really short skirt, will give off a very wrong impression.


Heavy Makeup


Wearing a very dark red colour lipstick, or a loud eye-shadow will not make you look pretty. Generally, guys dig into a girl’s natural beauty.


Glittery Dress

Black Rose Gold Sequin Dress 2020 Summer New Year Glitter Dress ...

It’s a date for god’s sake, not some party. Agreed, you like to party and may have a huge collection of party clothes. But don’t show them off in your first date, girl. Avoid wearing anything glittery or a sequined dress or a skirt. It’s a date and not your college prom.

High Heels

Simple black | Heels, Strap heels, Black high heels

Don’t wear heels which will make your feet sore and uncomfortable the whole time. You can look classy even while wearing some nice flat sandals. No matter how great and stylish your heels look, avoid wearing them because you don’t want to be hobbling around on your first date.



adidas Continental 80 Sneaker | Adidas shoes women, Womens ...

Unless you are planning to run a marathon with your date, skip on them too. Avoiding high heels does not mean, you will get too comfortable and wear a pair of sneakers to your date. You don’t want to give off a too casual or tomboyish impression to your date.



Fashion brunette woman wearing turtleneck and a gold chain ...

When we say do not show too much skin that certainly does not mean wrapping yourself from top to bottom with heaps of clothes. You surely need to display your feminine side. Agreed, guys like to see a bit of skin, but they don’t want you dressing up too uncomfortably either. Personally, I have nothing against turtlenecks and am a huge fan, but I wouldn’t want to remind the guy of his mom. Girls, I am sure you would agree.


Too Much Perfume

z- Woman Smelling Roses (5) (With images) | Winter senior pictures ...

On the first date, every guy and girl wants to smell just right. The right fragrance can make you feel good, attractive, sexy, romantic. Now, this one is slightly tricky, just how much is too much? Well, there isn’t a clear definitive answer to this one, do not slather yourself with so much perfume that it blows the socks off his feet. A simple light fragrance is far more attractive than loads of perfume. The mantra here being ‘less is more’.


Credit post: lovebondings.com


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