Anniversary celebration at Tosca DoubleTree Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

We are having a family celebrating their anniversary here at DoubleTree Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Theme: Sweet Romantic

Package: Platinum

Have a good day and enjoy your day!

Any enquiries, booking and reservation, please leave a message here, or you can whatsapp to our representatives in these areas.


🍽 Candlelight Dinner

🍽 Wedding proposal

🎈 Birthday Party

🎊 Private Event

πŸŽ‰ Farewell Party

🎊 Bridal Shower

πŸ“ Guestbook corner


πŸ“Kuala Lumpur:

πŸ“Bangi & Putrajaya:

πŸ“Subang Jaya:

πŸ“Johor Bahru:



You can log on to for more info

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