DIY Recycled Paper Bunting

DIY Recycled Paper Bunting

DIY Recycled Paper Bunting

I’ve also made mine from recycled card so a low waste option for cute gift wrap.


  1. Measure, draw and cut out a triangle the size you want your bunting. You can easily make a template folding a piece of paper in half and cutting half a triangle. When you open up the paper you will have a nice symmetrical triangle.

  2. Cut strips of card the same width measurement as the triangle top to bottom.

  3. Place the template on the card so the shorter edge lines up with the straight edge of the card and cut out the triangle. Now you can just turn the template over and make a single cut for each triangle.

  4. When you have enough triangle pierce a hole in the top two corners and thread onto a piece of string.

It’s that easy!


Credit post: FallforDIY

How to Weave a Basket Planter

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY

We all know that the plant lady is the new cat lady, but what about the basket lady? Is that the new plant lady…? Or perhaps more the new bag lady. Either way I’m pretty sure I’m turning into a full on basket lady. After last weeks Basket Clock DIY tutorial I’ve moved onto how to weave a basket planter, you know, just to pass the time.

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIYWeave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY

Basket weaving is always a little tricky. It would be so much easier if I just had a couple of extra pairs of arms. Sometimes it seems like you need to hold it in 18 different places to stop your work in progress from falling apart. Masking tape will save the day here! Get a roll or two ready and tape everything together as you work. Eventually everything will work and you can take the tape off without the whole thing unraveling… hopefully!

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-1

Materials Basket reed | Basket cane | Scissors | Masking tape | Strong glue

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-2


Cut eight strips of reed. My reed was about an inch wide so I cut four strips in half to make them thinner. Weave them together with equal space in between as shown above.

Place a plate or bowl that covers the whole woven section. Hold it firmly in place and bend back each of the strips to create a circle.

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-3 Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-4

Using the cane weave around this circle to hold all the reed in place (remember masking tape!) Once the shape is sturdy weave more reed around the outer circle of the basket. Keep the spacing even with the rest of the basket.

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-5 Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-6

After three or four strips wrap the top strip with another piece of reed. You will need all the cane tails to be a few inches long so don’t weave too close to the edge of the reeds. Once you have taped it into place fold each of the reed ends over the top and slot behind the horizontal strips.

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-7 Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-8 Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-9

Finally glue one last strip around the top edge to create a neater look.

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-10 Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-11 Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY-12

Fill up your basket with beautiful greenery. You could tie cord to the top of the basket to create a hanging planter.


Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY

Weave your own Basket Planter | Fall For DIY


Credit post: fallfordiy

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What is my table setting look like?

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The 3 best picnic spots in KL

1. Sri Hartamas Park

Sri Hartamas Park is by far the place we picnic at most often. With a mini scooter/bike track, two playgrounds, a basketball court, a football pitch and multiple exercise stations on offer, this park is a firm favourite with us as well as with many residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Highlights and tips:

  • The football pitch is enclosed and locked, but a big green field next to it is a perfect place. to kick the football anyway.
  • Benches to sit on, but no tables – a picnic rug is a must!
  • The closest toilets are at the Petronas Petrol Station half a block away.
  • Dogs seem very welcome here.

Location: Sri Hartamas Park is at Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas (find it as ‘Sri Hartamas Basketball Court’ on Waze).


2. Taman Metropolitan Batu

Blade 350 QX3 | SJ4000 : Taman Metropolitan Batu - YouTube

Taman Metropolitan Batu is a large gated park 10km out of KLCC on your way to the Batu Caves. Open daily from 6:15am to 7:30pm, it is a very popular place for the local residents to meet for a picnic, go for a run, or play at the two large playgrounds. In the middle of the park is a lake surrounded by a walking track, giving Taman Metropolitan Batu the feel of a slightly less manicured Desa ParkCity. That said, the grounds are well maintained, and there is plenty of space for little feet to run around on grass.

Highlights and tips: 

  • There are picnic tables, benches and lots of space for picnic rugs.
  • While a sign indicates that balls aren’t allowed, we’ve seen families playing badminton and football without a problem.
  • If you’re lucky, you might see a community performance in the middle of the park at the large open square!
  • Dogs are not allowed.

Location: Taman Metropolitan Batu is between Sentul and Batu Caves.


3. Titiwangsa Lake Gardens

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa | Things to do in Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

Another great picnic spot to bring your family along. Lake Titiwangsa is close to the city centre and next to Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture). The park offers lots of space for many activities like cycling, roller blading and horseback riding. There are also a few restaurants and food stalls and you can rent pedal boats as well. The park has got wide walking paths and many trees, so you can always find a spot in the shade. The park has a great view toward the city with his twin towers and KL tower, which creates a beautiful backdrop for some nice pictures.

Highlights and tips: 

  • Picnic tables available but you choose to bring a mat.
  • Parking is ok around the park, but better be early if you visit during weekends.

Location: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.