Handmade Face Mask by KRLbrands – Buyers Guide

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We designed an adjustable earloop using a common earloop (with enhance quality) from clinical face mask. Since it is only adjusted once at a time based on your face size, we pre-tied the earloop and hide it inside the seam. The default size is based on normal adult face size (refer to clinical face mask).

If you need to tighten or loosen the earloop, you may re-tie the earloop after take it out from the seam, and hide it back neatly.

The technique is also the same to headloop face mask (only available for 3 layers face mask)


To maintain its durability, especially one with artwork / design, we advised to hand wash only. Preferably rub gently on the artwork. Inside fabric have no printing and its pre-shrunk fabric. So it have no problem with washing.

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