How To Arrange Candlelight Dinner at Home

1. Surprise him with scented candles and flower petals at the entrance to welcome him.


2. Send him a loving candle light dinner invitation on his work mail.


3. Keep the menu simple and don’t forget the appetizers and dessert.


4. Prepare all his favorite dishes in advance and serve in your best dinner ware. But do not experiment with a new dish.


5. Set the table beautifully with a nice tablecloth, candles and flowers.



6. Switch off your computer, TV and get rid of any other distractions.


7. Set the mood with soft and melodious music playing in the background.


8. Light aroma candles or incense sticks of vanilla or any other flavour of your choice.


9. Get ready yourself in a beautiful dress to charm him.


10. Enjoy!


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