DIY Recycled Paper Bunting

DIY Recycled Paper Bunting

DIY Recycled Paper Bunting

I’ve also made mine from recycled card so a low waste option for cute gift wrap.


  1. Measure, draw and cut out a triangle the size you want your bunting. You can easily make a template folding a piece of paper in half and cutting half a triangle. When you open up the paper you will have a nice symmetrical triangle.

  2. Cut strips of card the same width measurement as the triangle top to bottom.

  3. Place the template on the card so the shorter edge lines up with the straight edge of the card and cut out the triangle. Now you can just turn the template over and make a single cut for each triangle.

  4. When you have enough triangle pierce a hole in the top two corners and thread onto a piece of string.

It’s that easy!


Credit post: FallforDIY


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