The Bazaaar Vol 1 (Glulam Gallery)









The Bazaaar Vol 1 was held on 14 June 2104 organized by The Bazaaar start from 10 am to 10 pm.

The flow of the event was very fluent, accompanied by buskers that was performed during the event. Even from the main door, audience was enjoying the fascinating fellas that doing a street workout. Bunch of scarf and clothing vendor participated, even foods and beverage also available at the event! From the vendor’s instagram account, showing full of satisfication and excitement with all the facilities, show, and crowd from the organizer. Lot of things happened during a one day pack event.

We managed to grab the Best Booth Deco consecutively from the event that we joined and it is encourage us to improve our abilities to decorate our booth. We will add several more props to support our product that is basically sell online. Hopefully you can enjoy the view of our booth and we are so sorry not to capture any one of other booths.


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